What is a Rent Guarantor?

A rent guarantor is someone, an individual or an institution, that agrees to pay the rent on behalf of a tenant who defaults on their rental payments.

In the UK, most accommodation providers will ask students to provide a UK rent guarantor to protect them in the event of non-payment.

Where students cannot provide a guarantor, they will, in the main, be asked to pay most, if not all, of their rent in advance.

Our Service

YourGuarantor can act as a UK Rent Guarantor for students attending UK Universities.

Our service costs from just 3.5% of your rent amount (overseas students)
with no minimum fee.

We do not ask you to provide a co-signer / guarantor.

Our online platform manages the administration of the scheme end to end. Applications, verification, document issuance and account management are all handled through the platform.

Our dedicated client team are on hand to handle queries from students and landlords.

How It Works

Apply Online

Register yourself and enter the details of the proposed rental property (Subject to eligibility and terms & conditions)


Your landlord will ensure that the YG application matches those of the proposed tenancy


You will receive an email confirming your guarantor application has been accepted by your landlord (Subject to landlord acceptance of our guarantee)


Simply pay the YG fee and the process is complete – you are guaranteed !